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dental help, dentures: Hello... My name is Sheri, I'm 39, mother of 3 beautiful boys. I posted this

Sheri H started this conversation

My name is Sheri, I'm 39, mother of 3 beautiful boys.

I posted this below a a couple of years ago with no luck, I'm to the point where I'm desperate!

About 6 years ago I got sick with a major infection in my mouth... Since then all my teeth are rotting out and I'm in constant pain. For the last 2 months I haven't been able to eat solid foods without being in so much pain its unbearable. My husband does not have health or dental insurance since he started his own business and since my teeth are so bad, nobody will hire me for a job. They assume I am a drug addict, and they treat me like an outcast. It's to the point where my health is getting very bad because of the contant infection in my teeth. The worst part of it is I've tried to do something about my situation, but it's hard when I cant get a job to get my teeth fixed... My husbands business is new, so we are broke. We hardly have enough money to pay for our bills, let alone a few thousand dollars for dental care. I can't find a dentist who will do payments. They all want the money before you walk out the door. Which unfortunatly we are unable to do.

For the past 3 years I hardly leave the house. It's so bad that I cry myself to sleep everynight, because of the pain and because of the humiliation. I haven't smiled in years... and it's effecting my children. They never really have seen me happy.

I'm asking for help. Which is something I never thought I'd have to do. If I don't get my teeth fixed soon, it will be harmful to my health. I'm willing to pay back what is given to me, if they want to take monthly payments.

I'm at my wits end, I really don't have anywhere to turn to at this point. My extended family has no money to spare, we're all broke it seems. My teeth are getting much worse..I have a swollen jaw as we speak. My weight is down to 109lbs (from 140) because I can't eat. I feel like I'm losing a battle with my health and my life. We try and try to save money, but it seems like as soon as we have almost enough to do something... car breaks down, unexpected bills, something always seems to take it all away.

If someone helps our family I would be so grateful. Like I stated above I would pay back any money that is loaned to us, written contract if needed.

Thanks so very much.
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I know how you feel and just wanted to say I hope you find help. I myself am in a similar situation only my husband is now disabled and I cannot find anyone to help with dentures. Not sure if you have a program like this, but I did find a smiles for life program in WV that does the extractions, at least that helps get rid of infections. Good luck sweety!
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I forgot to add I live near Springfield Missouri
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